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Shark Bridge App upgrade ( fall 2021 )

We have been working for a while on a number of new features and updates to our Shark Bridge Classroom platform. Those changes were aimed at improving the students' experience. 
Updates to the Shark Bridge Game require that iPad/iPhone and Mac users check the App Store for updates (most Apple devices will install them automatically); on Windows, updates are automatic:
  • Students can now set the robot skill level of their games to "Classroom Hands." At this level, the robots will behave the same as the in-class robots. They will try to follow the auction if there is any in the deal record and play with Shark's enhanced mode. Click here for instructions.
  • Students who play together in the Online Bridge Club can now load hands from their Personal Deal Library, the Classroom Hands module, or Deal Generator. Click here for instructions.
  • Students can also easily switch seats while playing with friends. Click here for instructions.
  • When a hand is scored, Shark will show the best line of play. Click here for instructions.
  • The Classroom Hands module can open Deal Generator sets. Click here for instructions.

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