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About the student's table in a web browser

Students do not need any special programs, just a web browser. The preferred choice is Google Chrome as this is the most advanced browser by a mile, but the Shark web client will work with most modern web browsers. The limitations are with older versions of Windows Edge (Google Chrome can be easily updated from Microsoft website---here is a link www.microsoft.com), and Safari on Mac OS 10.10.5 or older (note current Mac OS is 10.15.5 ). An easy solution is to install Google Chrome and when asked, make it your default web browser.




When the students click on the link from their teacher, they will see the login screen. There is no need to have a previously set account. Just type in a nickname and click on “Continue.” To avoiding duplicate nicknames, the students should use their first name with a couple of letters from the last name. The system will not allow two users with the same nickname to access a session at the same time, it will add 3 random digits to any duplicate nickname. Partners should know each other’s nickname and spell it correctly. 



If the teacher does not allow auto seating, after the login, the student will see a screen with the message "Please wait, your bridge teacher will seat you." There is no need to take any action. As soon as the teacher seats the student, a bridge table will appear on the screen.



On the table, the student is always positioned on the bottom of the screen. 

In the middle of the screen during the auction, you will see the auction box. The question mark sign shows whose turn it is to bid.  The players who are vulnerable are in red, and non-vulnerable are in white.  After the auction is done, the box will move to the top left corner.

On the bottom left corner, you can use the chat box to send a message to the teacher and other players on your table. Type a message and press “Enter” or click/touch the paper plane. if there is no message in the chat box and you hit the paper plane. The message history will be cleared. 

On the bottom right corner is situated the bidding box. It will disappear after the auction is done.

From the settings menu, if you use the gearbox icon on the top left corner, several changes can be made:

  1. How to make a call
  2. How to make a play 
  3. The general scale of the table layout 
  4. Hand layout
  5. Chose a sound notification when it's your turn
  6. Suit colors
  7. Suit order
  8. Table background colors
  9. How to indicate current player turn to bid/play
  10. Turn on/off animation
  11. Turn on/off video


    After the play of the hand is finished, you will see a complete trick-by-trick review. The green color shows the tricks won by your partnership whereas the white color shows the tricks won by the opponents.  The card in a frame shows what card has been led on the trick.

    On the bottom right corner, the student can see the summary for the hand. the declarer, the contract, and the tricks made.

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