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Bridge Enthusiast Upgrade (iOS, macOS, and Windows)

Bridge Enthusiast Upgrade (iOS, macOS, and Windows)

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This is only good for iOS, macOS, and Windows!!! Do not order if you plan to use it on Android.

Bridge Enthusiast unlocks the following features for life :

  • An unlimited number of random deals.
  • Save hands to favorites and email hands to your friends.
  • SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), Two over One and Danish ACOL bidding systems.
  • 9 WBF, ACBL and European tournaments from 2014, 2013, 2011
  • Basic Online Play: create, join and kibitz at any table
  • One year of VIP subscription *
  • Free 30 days subscription to Audrey Grant's Daily Bridge Column ** 

* The VIP subscription, that comes with the upgrade, adds the following extra services:

  • Daily tournament of at least 16 boards
  • WBF and ACBL tournaments with more than 30,000 boards from 30 events including the latest ACBL events, more are added throughout the year.
  • VIP online play: manage friends, invite players, etc.
  • Par Contract Calculator
  • Personal Deal Library, available to all of your devices
  • Advanced Deal Generator
  • Deal Analysis
  • High priority for feature requests

** The Interactive Daily Bridge Column is the most advanced bridge teaching product available for the iPad, Windows, Mac, Chrome-Book and Android devices. We helped with the development and launch of this software in 2013. Since that time, thousands of players have enjoyed a daily hand to play with the expert guidance and commentary of David Lindop, an International Bridge Master and writer. Be sure to take advantage of this special offer. It is sure to improve your bridge game

Note: All listed prices are USD.